If you have a picture of yourself with a Canyon Aero airplane, please send it to Mike. We would love to add it to our page. If one of your passengers catches you in action or snaps a picture of a sunset above the clouds, it might provide inspiration for others. Thank you. (P.S. Please don’t take selfies when your hand should be on the yoke. Aviate, Navigate, Communicate, then Photograph. Thanks.)

John Michael Cutler – Private Pilot 07-26-21 – “They shall mount up with wings as eagles . . .”
Vickie Varklet – First Solo – 04/27/21
Alex Omgongi – First solo – February 20, 2021 (with instructor, Dustin Hartline)
John Michael CutlerFirst Solo 12-07-20
Jesse Barlow – Private Pilot October 10, 2020
Brandon Jessen – Private Pilot – September 28, 2020
Andrew Pace – Private Pilot – August 13, 2020
Usman Bajwa – First Solo- July 18, 2020
Jim Hamilton – 1st Solo – July 8, 2020
Brad Aurand – After Passing the Private Pilot checkride – 6/17/20
Parker George – After passing the Private Pilot checkride – 6-16-20
George Rippel after his first solo 03-18-20
Steve Kriner - Private Pilot 3/12/20
Steve Kriner – Private Pilot 3/12/20
Jesse Barlow – First Solo – Nov. 30, 2019
Tom Woodhead after his first solo – Oct. 10, 2019
Andrew Reed and his proud parents after his solo on his 16th birthday
Andrew Pace returned triumphantly from his first solo 7/25/19
Brandon Jessen after his first solo – 5/4/19
brady fries
Brady Fries, our newest Private Pilot – April 29, 2019 Congratulations, Brady!
N52818 at Sunrise – photo by Dustin Hartline
Night approach to 12 at KIPT Courtesy of Parker george
Parker George’s Night Cross Country to Wilkes-Barre

Prior to brake release – Short field practice – Runway 17 at KSEG
Mike on a good day.