Rental Aircraft

We pride ourselves on only offering aircraft that are safe, well-maintained, and fully equipped to complete your mission – whether it’s just a pleasant flight on a sunny day or an instrument flight for business.

Currently, we have three aircraft available. Our primary training and rental aircraft is a Cessna 172P, N52818. It is both VFR and IFR capable. This aircraft has a 180 hp conversion, so it performs better than when it came from the factory. It has capable avionics (including a Garmin 430 with WAAS ability). This is a good airplane for most uses. It rents for $190 an hour.

52818 picture edited resized
N52818 – Cessna 172P with 180 hp conversion

If you need something a little stronger and faster, we also offer a Cessna 182Q, N5099N. This is also a good airplane for those looking to add a high performance endorsement to their logbook. It rents for $250 an hour.

182 - 2
N5099N – Cessna 182Q
N54576 Cessna 172P with 160hp engine.

If you’re looking for a more economical way to spend your training dollar, we offer N54576 for $180/hr. It is, in most respects, similar to N52818, another Cessna 172P produced the same year. It is a totally transformed aircraft with a upgraded avionics (Garmin GNX375 and Aspen E5 ) to make it fully IFR capable and ADS-B compliant.

If you would like to save some more money, we offer discounts of $5/hr for depositing $2000 to your account with us. (This discount applies to N54576).

Rental prices, of course, include full fuel and oil (wet). Should you need to purchase fuel off-site on a cross-country, the cost of fuel will be deducted from your rental fee.

We strive to provide the aircraft that will meet your needs for training, business, or pleasure.