Rental Aircraft

We pride ourselves on only offering aircraft that are safe, well-maintained, and fully equipped to complete your mission – whether it’s just a pleasant flight on a sunny day or an instrument flight for business.

Currently, we have four aircraft available. Our primary training and rental aircraft is a Cessna 172P, N52818. It is both VFR and IFR capable. This aircraft has a 180 hp conversion, so it performs better than when it came from the factory. It has capable avionics (including a Garmin 430 with WAAS ability). This is a good airplane for most uses. It rents for $165 an hour.

52818 picture edited resized
N52818 – Cessna 172P with 180 hp conversion

If you need something a little stronger and faster, we also offer a Cessna 182Q, N5099N. This is also a good airplane for those looking to add a high performance endorsement to their logbook. It rents for $250 an hour.

182 - 2
N5099N – Cessna 182Q

If you’re looking for a more economical way to spend your training dollar, we offer N99510 or N54576. These aircraft rent for $145/hr.  They are, in most respects, similar to N52818, another Cessna 172P produced the same year. However, they are equipped with the stock 160hp. engine, and carry the standard gross weight of 2400 lbs. N54576, admittedly, could use a paint job. But, rest assured, it is maintained to the same high standards as the rest of our fleet. We offer a special discount to those who rent N99510 or N54576 if you prepay $2000 to your Canyon Aero account. Customers who do so will be able to rent either of these aircraft for $130/hr. This is definitely an economical advantage.

N54576 Cessna 172P with 160hp engine.

Rental prices, of course, include full fuel and oil (wet). Should you need to purchase fuel off-site on a cross-country, the cost of fuel will be deducted from your rental fee.

Looking forward, we plan to improve the avionics in the 182 and do some appearance upgrades to 54576.

We never stop improving.