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Wednesday, September 16th at 8:00 pm Eastern.  Are You Ready for the Right Seat? This question is one that each CFI asks himself or herself at various times. A self-assessment is particularly important not only to new instructors, but to anyone who has taken a break from flight instructing. Join Karen as she provides techniques and tools to help CFIs both prepare for and improve their instruction. Flight instructors at all levels of experience will also benefit from her DPE insights and tips. MentorLIVE is interactive so please bring your questions and comments!

Please feel free to forward this invitation to your fellow aviators to let them know about this valuable broadcast! The course is WINGS-approved and requires successful completion of a mastery quiz to earn credit. If you have an interest in this program but cannot make the broadcast or have missed any other past program, you can access them on the MentorLIVE page at nafinet.org.

Thursday, Sept. 17, 7 PM “Surviving Carbon Monoxide”
Topic: How a CO Detector Saved My Life Select Number: EA13101538 Description: We all know that Carbon Monoxide is tasteless, colorless, odorless, and lethal. But it’s also easy to detect, and simple to avoid. In this FAA Safety Team WINGS and AMT award presentation, Prof. H. Paul Shuch shares a recent personal experience which could have ended very badly, but fortunately did not.  Don’t watch this seminar (unless you want to save your life!)

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Sept. 17, 8 PM, “FAA Safety Briefing LIVE! – September/October 2020 Issue”
Topic: This Program Explores The Many Ways Data Is Collected, Analyzed, And Shared To Make More Informed Safety-Related Decisions. Select Number: CE03101776 Description:  The September / October 2020 issue focuses on the integral role of data in the aviation industry. Feature articles and departments explore the many ways data is collected, analyzed, and shared to make better and more informed safety-related decisions.  We’ll also look at some of the FAA’s collaborative processes and tools that are helping to improve safety and efficiency in the National Airspace System.

NOTE: While many of the ideas covered in the quiz are included in the presentation, you may need to download a free copy of the magazine HERE to complete this course.

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Thursday, Sept. 24, 7 PM Seasons of Safety Episode 3: A Cross-continent VFR Journey
Join ASI’s Richard McSpadden as he shares his experience ferrying an inactive PA-18 Super Cub across the country this summer. His long-range, solo VFR flight took him from the desert of New Mexico, through the Idaho, Montana and Wisconsin backcountry, and east to the Atlantic coast. Richard discusses risk management, handling strong winds on the surface and amid the mountains; crossing high terrain; ferrying inactive airplanes; staying safe during a pandemic; and more lessons learned from his extended VFR journey. This webinar series is sponsored by Hartzell Propeller, Inc.

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Wednesday, Sept. 30, 11 PM “Aviation Weather Hazards – Vital Information for Pilots”
Topic: You’ll learn methods to assess the potential hazards and how to avoid them.
Select Number: WP01101703 Description: “Weather is the most lethal of all major causes of aviation accidents.” Former FAA Administrator In this 60 minute webinar you’ll learn methods to do just that. Assess the potential hazards and how to avoid them.
The top resource for assessing potential turbulence or mountain wave.
Tools that most pilots rely on—that are not reliable (and what to use instead)
How to determine if thunderstorms will be a factor
Recognizing turbulence or LLWS even when it’s not forecast. 
Identifying mountain weather hazards in areas with few reporting points.
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Thursday, Oct., 8, 12 PM Handling Emergencies with Poise and Aplomb
Most emergencies will result in nothing more than a bit of inconvenience and a good story—with the proper preparation. Join the Don’t Get Rusty crew as veteran flight instructor Chris Moser leads us through the things to think about and steps to take to ensure that your next emergency has a happy ending.

Space is limited – register today.Weather to Go or Not

Thursday, November 12, 12 PM
Nothing changes more than the weather, and that includes the tools you need to be using to know if you should launch, or continue once you’re in the air. We welcome flight instructor and Director of AOPA Flying Clubs Steve Bateman who will help us learn how to use the latest technologies to keep us weather safe.

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Thursday, Dec. 10, 12 PM Seven Ways an Instrument Rating Will Make You a Better Pilot
So you know your local flying area as well as your backyard and can recite the menu for every airport restaurant within a hundred miles. Now what? It’s time to get an instrument rating! Expand your world, learn new skills and make new friends as we make an unabashed pitch for you to take this next great step in your life as a pilot.

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Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021, 12 PM Wait! Are We in Balance?
No matter what aircraft you fly, at some point you’re going to wish it would hold more stuff. Learn how to safely balance your desire to carry more against the capability of the aircraft as we explore this weighty topic.

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Flight Standards SFAR Briefing for COVID-19 Relief
Notice Number: NOTC0148

Below is a link to a briefing by the FAA’s Flight Standards Service explaining the Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) that provides relief for certain persons and operations during the public health emergency concerning COVID-19. The presentation is approximately 45 minutes long.

You can find a frequently asked questions & answers page on the SFAR here: https://www.faa.gov/coronavirus/regulatory_updates/media/SFAR-COVID-FAQs.pdf

Additional COVID-19 information is posted here: 

Can’t get out to a Safety Seminar?
Notice Number: NOTC0079If you’ve been ordered to “Stay at Home” like some of us, consider broadening your aviation safety knowledge by taking in one of the great presentations at this link: