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DO NOT FORGET – As of January 2nd, the ADS-B out requirement is in effect. ADS-B out is required in Class A, B, and C airspace; Class E above 10,000 MSL; within the 30 nm ring around Class B airspace; and above Class B and C airspace. Any deviation requires a one hour prior notice.

The FAA has released runway safety videos on you tube for several airports where hot spots and hazards exist. (PHL is one). The videos are shot from a GA airplane/pilot point of view. If you are considering going into one of the listed airports, it might be worth the 5 or 6 minutes of illumination. See https://www.faa.gov/airports/runway_safety/videos/

Now through March 1st – AOPA Scholarships – Considering getting an advanced rating? Know a hard-working high school student who would benefit from a $10,000 flight training scholarship? Perhaps you’re a CFI seeking an instrument rating. AOPA has plenty of scholarship opportunities that may benefit you or someone you know. AOPA members have access to a wide array of benefits, including flight training scholarship awards. These awards can help members reach their aviation goals.   Go to https://aopa.academicworks.com

Monday, Feb. 24, 6:30 PM Weather Risk Assessment-Weather Briefings 3″ Webinar
Topic: Gain confidence in know if any of the six hazards have a reasonable risk of affecting your flight. Select Number: WP0198668 Description:

In this 90 minute webinar (plus Q&A) Delia will demonstrate her method to clarify and add certainty to often conflicting weather information.     •    Learn the top tools to identify each of the six hazards     •    The tool most pilots rely on—that is actually the LEAST reliable tool (and what to use instead)    •    How to identify “invisible” hazards.    Recognizing LLWS even when it’s not forecast.  This is our level 3 class for more experienced pilots, however, it can also benefit low time pilots.

Tuesday, Feb., 25, 6:30 PM “Mountain Flying” Topic: Mountain Flying essentials. (FAA Webinar) Select Number: EA6599059 Description: This presentation acquaints the audience with some essential elements of Mountain Flying and the benefits of Mountain Flying instruction from qualified CFIs.

Saturday, Feb. 29, 9 AM, AOPA Rusty Pilots hosted by Bloomsburg Municipal Airport” Topic: A Rusty Pilots Seminar
Location: Bloomsburg Municipal Airport, 301 Airport Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Select Number: EA2798647 Description:

Once a pilot, always a pilot…But, if you’re feeling a little Rusty…

You might be like more than 500,000 other pilots (that’s right, half a million), who have taken a break from flying.  The good news is that getting back to flying is easier than you think.  So, what does it take to get back in the air?

  • Some flight and ground instruction
  • No FAA checkride or test
  • You may not even need a medical

Join us for a fun, interactive seminar that will give you all the information you need to get current again.  As a seminar participant, you’ll get 3 hours of ground instruction toward completing your flight review, valuable take-home materials, and handouts so you can review what you’ve learned. We’ll help you brush up on your aviation knowledge and understand what’s changed since you last took the controls.