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Temporary Closure

Due to the PA Governor’s stay at home directive, Canyon Aero Flight Operations (instruction and rental) are suspended through the month of April. We plan to reopen as soon as we are permitted and can safely do so. Thank you for your patience during this unusual time. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warning: ATC Closures

With the coronavirus pandemic; tower approach/departure, and center controllers are as susceptible as everyone else. This has resulted in some delays, closures and rerouting. If you plan on flying IFR or need VFR flight following, it is advisable to determine whether those services will be available along you route and destination.

Can’t get out to a Safety Seminar?
Notice Number: NOTC0079If you’ve been ordered to “Stay at Home” like some of us, consider broadening your aviation safety knowledge by taking in one of the great presentations at this link: 

Saturday, April 11, 9 AM “Mid Island Air Service Monthly Safety Seminar”
Topic: FAA Medicals – How to Stop Worrying and Like Your AME (Webinar)
Select Number: EA1199844 Description: FAA MEDICALS – How to Stop Worrying & Like Your AMEHow to handle your medical and the FAA.Are there changes in the regulations that affect you?Common maladies – will any of these affect your certificate?Medical certification involving unknown health issues.Your certification, questions & answersArnold D Panzer, MD – Commercial Helicopter, Private, Instrument Rated IFR fixed wing, internal medicine physician, Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, Certified Medical Review Officer, Certified Medical Examiner for Commercial Motor VehiclesBy attending this webinar, and others like it, you can become part of the FAA Pilot Proficiency Award Program [also known as WINGS] by participating in a recurrent training program. This program was expanded in 2008 and developed for a higher level of safety by employing consistent recurrent training, which has been identified as a major factor in reducing General Aviation [GA] accident rates. 
Remember, as part of this seminar program, WINGS is designed to help keep you safe, and by participating and staying WINGS current you may maintain a valid Flight Review. We appreciate your participation in this event.

Do you know your limitations? The seminar will also direct your attention to the Mid Island Personal Limitations Checklist to help teach “situational awareness ” through the experiences of other pilots . . . help develop good judgment, . . . . and become a better pilot.

The AOPA Air Safety Institute’s safety seminars have been canceled until further notice, and its in-person Flight Instructor Refresher Courses have been canceled through May.

AOPA Sun-n-Fun Fly – In at Lakeland, Florida is canceled for this year.

Notice: AOPA Flight Planner to End at the end of April