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DO NOT FORGET – As of January 2nd, the ADS-B out requirement is in effect. ADS-B out is required in Class A, B, and C airspace; Class E above 10,000 MSL; within the 30 nm ring around Class B airspace; and above Class B and C airspace. Any deviation requires a one hour prior notice.

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 8 PM “Transportation Security and You – Whats New Since 9/11?” Topic: EAA Weekly Webinar Series Select Number:
NR0397616 Description: The creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, imposed new security regulations on all pilots, student pilots, aircraft owners, flight school employees, aviation independent contractors, and independent flight instructors. If you fit in any of these categories, this webinar will update you on post-9/11 aviation security requirements.
Wednesday, Jan. 22, 8 PM “EAA Proficiency365(tm) – stay active and current year-round” Topic: EAA Proficiency365™ program and use of EAA SkillScore™ Tracker to stay proficient and current. Select Number:
EA6196968 Description: Improve your flying, proficiency, and safety with EAA Proficiency365™ – an exclusive benefits that can help you stay active in year-round activity utilizing flight simulators to advance your flying proficiency, improve your safety and keep your pilot certificate current without a need for a biannual flight review. Learn how to use EAA SkillScore™ Tracker to measure your progress.